About Me

Hi! I'm Corinne, and I am in my sixth year of teaching. I began my teaching career long before I graduated from Arizona State with my Bachelors in Education, but began my first job as an Arizona educator in the Dysart Unified School District.

I have long believed that movement and repetition were important in learning... like real, physical movement. I began implementing a technique called Total Physical Response during my internship years and really perfected the use of it during my first year of teaching as well as many Whole Brain Teaching techniques that get kids up and out of their seats.

Despite this, teaching all the state standards for reading and writing in my classroom in 55 minute periods of time was a difficult task for me! I was pleased when the Common Core began picking up speed. I was elated when my state announced adoption of the standards.

Fast forward a few years. I'm beginning my fifth year of teaching. I'm familiar with the Common Core and using the CCSS Anchor Standards to teach other subjects. I'm hired on as a teacher in our district's Arts Academy. I'm going to be teaching in an arts-integrated classroom.

What does this mean!?

This blog is simply my documentation of grappling with what arts-integration is and how to use it to reach students to how to apply it to my daily lessons while still teaching to the Common Core standards with integrity.
 Hopefully, we'll both learn a lot along the way!